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What can it do?

What can it test?

The SCIO has nearly 10,000 items in the test matrix!

Types of items you will find include: natural remedies, allergens, nutrients, healthy and diseased tissues, medically recognized diseases, pathogens, emotions, and more.

Following the initial test (reactivity scan) it is possible to perform deeper individual reaction or resonance tests on any particular item for the purposes of establishing the baseline or toxicity of an item.

It is possible to treat individual subtle items for three seconds and more dense, physical items for three minutes. Feedback of the degree of balancing is given. Any item can be tested using the integrated test tray facility.

The SCIO offers hundreds of therapies, all of which are safe and self monitoring. It’s feedback system includes a highly sensitive audible notification function which indicates when you have received the degree of therapy you can currently assimilate.

Watch these videos for an overview of biofeedback and the SCIO/EPFX

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